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Trini Posse UK was originally formed as a medium to bring people and sports together. However, after our launch in May 2006 (just in time for the World Cup!), the focus was enhanced to bring people together using not just Sports, but also Events, Ideas, etc as a social forum.

As we headed to Germany in June 2006, the one comment that everyone made was that the Trinidadians went there with full force and spirit. The experience was one I will never forget and it reminded me of how a little Caribbean flavour can go a long way to accomplish something.

Win, lose or draw, every Trinbagonian (Trinbagonian n. a resident of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago) had a smile on their face and was chatting with every one around them, making it a friendlier, happier place – even if they had to sell their house / car / dog to get there!

With a lilʼ touch of the flavour and concepts unique to the Caribbean, I am hoping to bring a new experience to London and the UK and start my one man journey to bring people together and make it a more enjoyable place.

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