Costume Details

Open Waters – As with all our masqueraders, this section depicts the openness we share and exemplifies enjoying Carnival as one, as friends, as family and humanity.  Flow through the streets and share the love!


Designed by Sparks Productions

Photography by Marlon Rouse

Open Waters:    £185 (Group rates available)

Open Waters standard female costume includes:

  • A feathered tiara,
  • decorated bra,
  • arm and leg pieces,
  • a special Monokini (tie behind the neck) bottom,
  • a high waist belt,
  • and a beautiful neck piece.

Additional Costume Options:
-Medium Feathered Headpiece -£55
-Large Feathered Headpiece -£75
-Open Waters Magnificent Collar – £45
-Beautiful Feathered Arm and/or Legs – £29 a pair (£55 for both sets)
-Complimentary Bracelets (1 pair) -£6.00

TPUK on the Road Package includes:

  • Mobile refreshment station with an unlimited supply of drinks
  • International Djs including DJ Private Ryan, Back to Basics, Barrie Hype & Shot Master J!
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks available throughout the day
  • A Class customer service
  • Private security team
  • On-site paramedics
  • Mobile restrooms (de wee wee truck)
  • Roaming photographers
  • Roaming Video Crew
  • Goody Bags with souvenirs and carnival essentials
  • A full fun day & an unforgetable experience
  • And of course… your beautiful costume!

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